Analog Blog: The old Cropped and Dubbed cut ‘n’ paste zine


Back around 2007, I tried resurrecting an old hobby of mine, the print zine!  Back in the 90’s me and my friends would do small run punk rock zines so we could interview bands we were into and get all the new records without having to special order them at import prices at the record store.  

We’d sell them for a buck at local shows to cover any expenses, and it was a great way to connect with people in your community who were into the same oddball, underground stuff.

Around 2006, there was a film festival at the local Cinematheque where they played some Colin Geddes supplied prints of  Bruce Lee films with an opener like “The Invincible Kung Fu Legs” or “Magnificent Butcher“.  I got so excited being able to watch these movies that I had been collecting for years on low quality second and third (and fourth and fifth) generation VHS bootlegs on a real movie screen, in a downtown theatre, with popcorn and the works…in a crowd!  It made my year.

After the festival, I wanted to do something, anything to keep the momentum going so they would maybe do it again the next year.  

“What about a kung fu zine?!”

The result was “Cropped & Dubbed”






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